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Dr. Sandra Weppler is an upcoming Author, Speaker, Prophet and Seer. She has served on pastoral teams at TICC in Toronto, and worked in an outreach program for troubled youth with Toronto Police. She has worked as a Christian Counsellor for 7 years restoring marriages, working with youth, conducting inner healing sessions, and bringing souls to Christ through her counselling practice in Canada.

Dr. Sandra Weppler’s prophetic gifting has been validated by her church leaders and pastors in Pickering, Mississauga and now in Kitchener-Waterloo. Dr. Sandra Weppler has a PhD in Psychology with a major in Biblical Counselling and Theology through Trinity University in Indiana, United States. Dr. Sandra Weppler has established her identity as an incisive, passionate communicator that finds the balance with the Word and the prophetic. She is a modern day revivalist, that believes God’s spirit is moving and brooding over regions and nations bringing signs, wonders, breakthrough and wonder again into the earth.

Dr. Sandra Weppler takes a 360 degree approach to every topic that she speaks on. She is the host of Voice Of Truth Prophetic TV and believes that women are partnering with like-minded men all around the world in the frontlines with God to bring revival in these last days for the kingdom of God. Dr. Sandra Weppler is mindful of every culture and protocol in a church or conference that she speaks at because she understands the heart of God’s sons and daughters. Additionally, she partners with people who are transparent, humble, and compassionate and who operate with excellence for the heavenly Father as she models the same.



  • How to partner with the Father’s heart to take his voice to nations
  • Taking a 360 degree approach to discovering your purpose & call in God
  • “It is finished” , Jesus said, then sat down at the right hand of the Father
  • The portals between heaven and earth where demons cannot access
  • How does the Jewish months & tribes impact us as Christians
  • What is God doing in this season
  • How does one get multiple breakthroughs
  • How do you take the land that God is giving you
  • You must be special if the devil is targeting you
  • You are an unstoppable generation
  • How does God unhide you in preparation for your launch
  • The Only person who is getting in the way of you is YOU
  • Who is the Father & why is he always blamed for everything
  • One Moment and one decision can change your life
  • How to break away from anxiety and crippling fear
  • Why partner with angels and how do you know they are near
  • How do you tap into the glory realm of god through worship
  • Saying I do till death do us apart
  • What is a Dysfunctional Culture in the kingdom of God
  • Pastoral dynamics and servant leadership
  • No pain no gain in the kingdom
  • Approval Addict is that you
  • If Not You Then Who
  • It’s a new season
  • Dare to dream again
  • Chosen for purpose Intentionally
  • 7 Ways to slay your Goliath

Dr. Sandra Weppler is a woman on a mission to share the message of Christ. Her passion for evangelism is coupled with the desire to help voices of Christian leaders be heard around the world.  

Charity Bradshaw

LifeWise Productions
This is the hour for the people of God to be bold and fearless. Dr. Sandra Weppler was made to do mighty and great exploits!

Madeline James

Author, Speaker, and Prophet
It was a privilege to be invited to share my story with Dr. Sandra Weppler on Voice of Truth Prophetic TV. I’m so inspired by Dr. Sandra’s tenacious spirit to get God’s heart into every soul and know this program will change lives.

Sarah Ball

Author, Speaker, Wife & Mother
Sandra encourages and champions each minister and ministry she comes into contact with!

Susan Mimi-Cheatham

Worship Leader, Song Writer, and Recording Artist
What an amazing opportunity Dr. Sandra gives her guests to bring all glory to King Jesus. Her spiritual acumen and prophetic, insight coupled with her spirit of excellence made it a treasure and a delight to be a guest on Voice of Truth Prophetic TV.  

MB Busch

Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host
We really enjoyed being on The Voice of Truth Prophetic TV. It was amazing to share our hearts and some wisdom from what we have learned from our journey. Dr. Sandra is an incredible host and made us feel totally welcome and comfortable. What a great experience!

Adam & Amy Ryan

Lead Pastors, Catch The Fire, Kitchener, Ontario

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