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You Are Taking Back Your Rightful Inheritance For Your Generation

Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life so that you can recognise the David in YOU. He will put a Pharaoh in your life so a Moses in YOU can arise. Your friend and family might sell you out for a Joseph to arise in YOU but make.
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You Are Being Lifted Up From Ashes to Destiny

The Lord says, "Today I am lifting you out of ashes into destiny" You have seen much heartbreak - doors have slammed in your face, opportunities have not come, breakthrough have slipped away, the enemy has killed, stolen and destroyed, promises were broken, dreams were destroyed, Acceleration felt like decades.
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God Is Swinging Open Double Doors For You Today

Psalm 24:7-9, God says, "I am swinging open double doors for you TODAY! I am unchaining you, you were in the passage way and have been waiting for this all your life. You thought I have forgotten you, you thought that you just had a small window to look out.
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