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Have you ever noticed the yellow dotted lines and straight ones on the road? The yellow straight ones mean that we cannot move to the other side, we must stay on the path we are on. But then we have the dotted lines, that allow us to move around and enable us to take different routes to get to our destination. TODAY God is saying, “There are seasons in your life that I have allowed you to take – different routes to your destination and you were happy and felt so much freedom. Yet now you ask me why do I feel so limited, so restricted and maybe even a bit lost?”

God would say to some of us that He is keeping us on a straight path because He wants to teach us and train us in something wonderful. He wants us to focus on something spectacular and miraculous. He is building our character. We need to seek him and understand what He wants us to focus on.

I believe the faster we cooperate or even partner with Him in this season, the faster we will be released into our destiny and call. TODAY – He is saying, “Even though this season’s journey is tough or even unbearable for some of you, know this –  I am walking ahead of you”.

Lean into Him and ask Him what He wants you to learn and focus on in the season you may be in. And don’t forget that He promises to never leave or forsake you. Always keep your mind focused on that verse and you will find strength again. You are only being trained and shaped for greatness.


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