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You Are Not a Mistake by Dr. Sandra Weppler

You Are Not a Mistake

Have you ever felt like you did not know what you were doing here on the Earth? What is the purpose of all the troubles I have gone through? Taking this once step further, has anyone ever told you that you were a mistake? Have you ever felt that your life does not count, and that you are constantly going from one struggle to another?

If this is the case, then I want to say something very powerful to you today. One unplanned pregnancy changed the face of humanity, changed the world, changed our relationship with God. Now think about this! His name is JESUS.

You can change the world too if you have him living inside of you. You can make a difference and touch lives. He is in you and your life counts for something. You are not a mistake. You are a life changer. You are beautiful. You were made for a purpose. You have a destiny. You have a future and a hope. You are blessed and you are called – appointed and set in place on the Earth intentionally. You are a women of destiny.


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