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MASTERPIECE by Dr. Sandra Weppler


The Universe – Billion of stars and billions of galaxies, some bigger than ours and some stars bigger and brighter than the sun. God says “I have created the Universe. I have created the earth and all living things.”

This same God who has created everything has created YOU. He has chosen you before all this was created. He knows YOU by name. He has not forgotten YOU. Look up in the night and look up in the day. You will see his traces and beauty all around you. And if you really want to see his best and beloved creation – look in the mirror.

You are His priceless creation, beautifully and fiercely made with the deepest care and love. Look up and then look into yourself! In His eyes, you are perfection because of the righteousness of Jesus His Son. God looks at you as perfect through the lens of his son. He has appointed you and set you apart – not aside. You are being made perfect everyday, sanctified in the image of His son Jesus. Jesus was perfect and so are you. Don’t look too far for perfection because YOU see, you are a MASTERPIECE!


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