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Darkest Before Your Breakthrough by Dr. Sandra Weppler

Darkest Before Your Breakthrough

In my experience, it is normally the darkest before God gives you a breakthrough. Can you relate? You have to fight your hardest, pray like there is no tomorrow, fast like you have no urge to eat but most of all, believe and have faith that your answer to prayer is just around the corner.

Today He is saying, “those who wait for Me will never be disappointed”. He is telling you to hold on as you are crossing over to the other side of your pain, sorrow, and hurts, to a time of celebration!

Yes, it is darkest before the dawn but the morning surely arrives. The sun arises and the Earth is flooded with beautiful, life giving light. Your morning is coming, your dawn is breaking through. Your days are going to be flooded by light. You are crossing over. Your joy and peace are waiting to break through. God is saying – “Get ready to celebrate, you are crossing over!”


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