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Carried On The Wings Of God Dr. Sandra Weppler

Carried On The Wings Of God

Up in the skies, soaring like a plane! Have you ever wondered after you take off and see the water below and the clouds all over, how far away you feel from the worries of life. A feeling of soaring up and a form of detachment from the mundane and the everyday?

You are being carried up thousands of feet, transported from one place to another and most people feel or do few things: Either they watch movies, sleep, or chat with fellow travelers. In those two or four or 13 hours, the plane is carrying you. Most people don’t think about that much until there is turbulence…life is like that.

We get caught in cycles, routines and suddenly we experience turbulence. We feel helpless as we are not in control. However, the captain is still at the cockpit. He is still taking us to our destination and We Will LAND.

Let’s try to soar and get detached from the negative. We have the God of the Universe who is flying our plane. And we can be sure we will reach our destination safe and sound because it is part of his mandate and he always delivers what he promises. Turbulence will come and go, but clear skies and peaceful days of quietness and victory are sure to follow.


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