Canada’s Leading Revivalist, Prophetess and Social Media Television Producer Pens Breakthrough Novel

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The Dubai Girl Book by Dr. Sandra Weppler

Canada’s Leading Revivalist, Prophetess and Social Media Television Producer Pens Breakthrough Novel

Dr. Sandra Weppler’s “The Dubai Girl” Released April 16

WATERLOO – April 23, 2019 – As a Canadian Christian psychotherapist, ordained minister, professor and producer of The Voice of Truth Prophetic TV, Dr. Sandra Weppler helps millions of people connect back to the heart of the Father by helping them discover their purpose, destiny and receive their breakthrough. But behind the scenes, Dr. Weppler had been struggling for years to experience her own breakthrough. Until one day, everything changed. Using her own faith and personal story as a template, Dr. Weppler’s The Dubai Girl provides readers with step-by-step practical help as they draw up their own life purpose blueprint.

Before moving from Dubai to Canada in her early twenties, a near-death car accident left her with debilitating anxiety and severe physical symptoms – unable to drive, be alone at home, get on a plane, go out in public or work.

“I had always been incredibly independent and this near-death accident stole my freedom,” said Dr. Weppler. “I tried everything. I joined support groups, I sought out mentors, I had people praying over me constantly, I went to big evangelical meetings, I fasted, tried different food diets and exercised. Those who know me would have had a really hard time believing how much I was suffering privately. While I did eventually re-gain some of my confidence, 30 years later, I still hadn’t experienced true freedom in Christ.”

While completing her doctorate and beginning to write The Dubai Girl, Dr. Weppler’s mother was diagnosed with some very serious health challenges, her father passed away a year later and she began to struggle with suicidal thoughts. But still, she believed that God would sing songs of deliverance over her life and several years later, He did.  After clearly hearing God’s voice during multiple panic attacks while on a flight, God’s peace came over her in a supernatural way  – her fear broke instantly and life completely changed.

“I had been struggling to finish my book because I didn’t know how to end it. I left it with the message that God is faithful despite our suffering because that was where I was at. How could I be telling people how to experience a breakthrough when I hadn’t experienced my own?” said Dr. Weppler. “It’s been an incredible journey that’s shown me that God is faithful to His word and that He means everything He says. Miracles do happen and one happened to me, supernaturally. I also discovered that God hides people, not because He wants them to suffer or thinks they’re not worthy but because He wants us to have the capacity to sustain our destiny.”

The Dubai Girl represents the culmination of Dr. Weppler’s life work in three key areas: understanding God’s purpose for her own life and how she fought for and received her breakthrough, her own doctoral thesis on the topic and her experience as a psychotherapist and Christian counselor. It’s her hope that The Dubai Girl would help readers in very practical ways, to understand their own true identity in the Father, discover God’s will and purpose in relation to their individual life purpose, and then use this understanding to help others.

“The key is we need to understand our identity as a son or daughter of the Father. We need to know His character and that His love for each person is where the journey of our supernatural destiny really begins,” said Weppler. “God isn’t just a resource to use in finding our destiny but rather the source from where discovery towards destiny begins. It’s a process to be walked out in partnership with the Heavenly Father but not before you really understand His heart.”

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About Dr. Sandra Weppler
Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the weekly program Voice of Truth Prophetic TV, Dr. Sandra Weppler reaches millions of people every day, around the world. An ordained evangelical minister, and prophetess, she is regularly featured on GOD TV Daily Blogs, The Elijah’s List, and Charisma Magazine.

She has also been on radio and tv shows and has been validated by Anointed Ministers & Ministries across the United States, Canada & globally. Dr. Weppler also has a Doctorate in Biblical Counselling & Theology from Trinity University in Indiana.

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