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Be Yourself Its a Tough Act To Follow by Dr. Sandra Weppler

Be Yourself – It’s a Tough Act to Follow

As we begin a new year, I have begun to reflect on a few things. Here are some important lessons I learned this year.

When you have a call on your life by God, sometimes God hides you. Why? Because people do not know what you are carrying and they treat you like you were common. But God wanted these people to treat you that way because God wants you to see who they truly are as nothing exposes character than the way you treat people that you think that you don’t need.

If you knew what the person is carrying and what God is doing in their lives and what God is getting ready to do in their lives, people would just latch on by faking friendship. But God says I am going to hide you in plain sight to show you who your true crew are, whether it is family, friends, or even people in the Church so that you know who to carry with you to the place where I am taking you to.

When you get to that place, you will not be surprised to see these very same people get envious, jealous, and stir up conflict for you. But then you already knew that and it won’t matter because you would have left these people a long way off to their own devices.


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