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Dr. Sandra Weppler

Dr. Sandra Weppler is the CEO of Sandra Weppler International  Inc., a Christian based organization in Kitchener, Ontario – often referred to as Silicon Valley North because of the large number of tech companies who call this place home. Dr. Sandra Weppler is also the Founder & Host of The Voice Of Truth Prophetic TV – a Christian social media TV program with a global viewership and a mandate of taking the voice of the Father to the nations.

Dr. Sandra Weppler is a Christian psychotherapist in Ontario, an ordained Evangelical Minister in Canada, global speaker, a seer & prophet and co-founder of Content Cow Inc., a Christian-based B2B content creation agency. Dr. Weppler also has a Doctorate in Biblical Counselling & Theology from Trinity University in Indiana, United States. She is an engaged member of Patricia King’s WIMN ministry out of Maricopa, Arizona, President of the Canadian Ontario Chapter for Dr. Theresa Phillips’ Destiny Arise from Illinois, head of Convergent Events & Promotions Ontario, and Partner with Faith Tech here in Waterloo. She is a personal preferred contributor for all social media and articles on GOD TV Daily, Destiny Arise.net and other prominent Christian magazines.

Her show, Voice Of Truth Prophetic TV reaches more than 1.7 million people globally and builds momentum daily by the grace of God. The show touches the hearts of nations and Dr. Sandra Weppler’s mandate is to take the voice of the Father to the nations so that everyone would know that the Father truly loves them. The Voice Of Truth brand has expanded its reach to Voice Of Truth TV Asia (Dubai & India), Voice Of Truth Pakistan & Africa and our core grass roots in North America (US & Canada). The show has more than 100,000 people who connect with our social media broadcast daily with viewers from from Canada, US, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Mexico, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Voice Of Truth Prophetic TV engages people through YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Roku, Glory TV India, God TV and other strategic groups, churches, affiliations all on social media.


What people are saying about Dr. Sandra Weppler
Dr. Sandra Weppler's show, Voice of Truth, brings the Father’s heart, passion, and purpose to the forefront. She is truly gifted at discovering and releasing timely prophetic messages to her viewers. Thank you, Dr. Sandra, for your dedication to equipping others for greatness.

Dr. Cindy Stewart

Author, Speaker, and Coach
The talk on my marketplace prayer warrior call by Dr.Sandra Weppler on "Leading with a Servant Heart" was too good. She poured out her heart to the ladies, and they are already experiencing breakthrough and change of heart.

Rhonda Kitabjian

Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur
What an amazing opportunity Dr. Sandra gives her guests to bring all glory to King Jesus. Her spiritual acumen and prophetic, insight coupled with her spirit of excellence made it a treasure and a delight to be a guest on Voice of Truth Prophetic TV.  

MB Busch

Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host
I've been Sandra Weppler’s Mentor since 2004 and I know she is passionate, committed, transparent, humble and loves Jesus and people. She's a person who's reliable and has integrity, and it's been great being a part of this mentoring journey with her.

Dr. Rondo Thomas

Vice President & Professor Canada Christian College, Mentor, Pastor

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